Flowserve Flowserve is one of the world’s leading providers of pumps and services for the global infrastructure and process industries, a reliable product commonly used  in plant and pump stations in water and wastewater applications. Flowserve pumps available include split case centrifugal, vertical turbine and submersible well pumps. Flowserve Pumps Flowserve centrifugal, positive [...]


Invent: Aeration & Mixing With Invent aeration we can offer a range of aeration and mixing solutions in combination with blowers, as well as stand alone mixer solutions all customized for individual demands. Invent has a whole range of products for the municipal water, wastewater treatment and the food and beverage industry. Hyperboloid Mixers are used [...]

JWC Environmental

JWC With JWC Environmental we can offer the experience of over 40,000 successful Monster installations around the world in a wide range of municipal wastewater applications. Grinding, screening, solids reduction and solids processing equipment is designed specifically for headworks, pump stations, pump protection, digester protection, centrifuge protection, sludge grinding, storm overflow, and more. [...]


MRI Plate Settlers MRI is a leading innovator of sludge collectors and plate settlers, a good solution for fully utilized wastewater plants facing increased need and maxed-out site constraints. MRI Plate Settlers provide even distribution across the entire inclined plate settler system with a patented hydraulic flow control deck, making the system the most efficient plate settlers available. [...]


Suez/Ozonia UV&Ozone Treatment Ozonia UV Treatment systems are used extensively as a final barrier in drinking water treatment plants to disinfect water by inactivating pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and parasites. UV-C lights are particularly effective for chlorine resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, even at low dosages. Ozonia can always [...]


REXA REXA Linear and Rotary Actuators can provide reliable and accurate operation over a long period of time with virtually no maintenance costs. Superior modulating control capabilities for water and wastewater control valves and gates. Low power consumption units custom engineer to the application. REXA Linear Actuators are ideal for control of globe valves, gate valves, turbine [...]

RW Gate

RW Gate Company RW Gate Company designs and manufactures the highest quality, longest lasting water control gates and related equipment used in the water/wastewater industry and others employing water control systems.  RW Gate Company is a professional organization that works within a defined quality management system and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our lineup of [...]


Suez Wastewater Treatment With Suez Wastewater Treatment we can offer a leader in end-to-end complete systems for water and wastewater treatment. Suez provides a wide range of processes from digestion to incineration, thickening, dewatering, composting or drying as well as process systems for nutrient removal and anaerobic digestion. The aim is to reduce the [...]