Invent: Aeration & Mixing

With Invent aeration we can offer a range of aeration and mixing solutions in combination with blowers, as well as stand alone mixer solutions all customized for individual demands. Invent has a whole range of products for the municipal water, wastewater treatment and the food and beverage industry. Hyperboloid Mixers are used for precipitation and flocculation in drinking water treatment or are applied for the complete nitrogen elimination in anaerobic and anoxic tanks of wastewater treatment plants. The Invent Aeration Systems are used in grit chambers, activated sludge tanks or in the sludge treatment process for oxygen transfer or mixing tasks.

Invent products mixers range from the simple mixer for mixing and equalization tanks, to combination mixing and aeration systems for the pretreatment of wastewater. Invent customers include municipalities, nationally and internationally known breweries as well as soft drink bottlers, fish processing companies, dairies or producers of ready-to-serve meals. The Invent Membrane Aeration Systems are also used for the oxygen enrichment in fish farms.

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Invent Aeration & Mixing