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With De Nora we provide more than 50 years’ experience in water treatment. De Nora Water Technologies has developed and completed thousands of installations worldwide across a variety of applications. De Nora Water Technologies combines leading R&D capabilities with water treatment applications engineering expertise to continuously improve and broaden the technology offerings. De Nora Water Technologies brands and its technologies are recognized worldwide for their contribution to water treatment operators in providing a safe source of water and wastewater.

Proprietary technologies and brands include:

  • BALPURE® Seawater Electrochlorination Ballast Water Management System
  • SEACLOR®, SANILEC® and CECHLO-M Seawater Electrochlorination Systems
  • OMNIPURE™ and MARINER OMNIPURE® Electrochemical Marine Sanitation Systems
  • ClorTec® and CECHLO-NS Brine Electrochlorination Systems
  • CECHLO-MS and CECHLO-IS Membrane Brine Systems
  • Capital Controls® gas feed disinfection systems
  • TETRA® potable water, biological and tertiary waste water treatment

With De Nora (some products previously Severn Trent Water Purification) we can provide electrochlorination, chemical disinfection and filtration. These systems aid industries and municipalities in producing a wastewater effluent that is safe and cost effective.

De Nora Water Technologies, a leading global supplier of drinking water solutions, provides state-of-the-art disinfection, instrumentation and filtration solutions. The company has extensive expertise and experience to enable its customers to fulfill their requirements in providing clean water, including; nitrate and arsenic removal from groundwater.  From river intake protection and abstraction control through to water storage and distribution. De Nora delivers safe, effective and efficient solutions through world-renowned brands such as Capital Controls®, TETRA®, ClorTec®, MicroChem®, Advance and SORB®.

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