L&J: Digester Gas Safety

With L&J Technologies we can provide Digester Gas Safety Equipment and Waste Gas Burners/Flares for municipal sewage treatment plants, landfills, dairies, food-processing and breweries. Safety equipment the the top of digester covers including pressure/vacuum vents, flame arresters, 3-way safety selector valves along with emergency vent/manhole covers and cover position indication. L&J provides the most effective sealing technology to reduce emissions on the market.

Ask us how your digester gases can be converted from a liability to an asset. Dropping out sediment and condensate the cleaned gases can be used to supplement plant service gas to run boilers, heat exchangers and other equipment including turbines.

L&J manufactures both open candlestick and enclosed flares to help reduce emissions. Candlestick flares are offered with options for automatic ignition at the tip of the flare or at ground level. Enclosed flares are designed to meet strict emission regulations and/or where open flames are not permitted.

For more information on-site annual safety assessments, or parts and services, please give us a call.

Replacement Compatibility

Need to replace outdated or degraded digester gas safety equipment ?
L&J replaces old or competitor products with a simple retrofit. Tell us about your safety needs, or we can asses your situation onsite if needed to provide an appropriate safety solution.

Manufacturers that can be replaced:

LEGACY: Shand & Jurs Biogas®
OTHER: Varec®, Groth® and more.

For more on annual safety testing, replacement,and compatibilities:

1-866-711-AQUA (2782)