Hidrostal Hidrostal is the manufacturer of the "Original" screw impeller pump. The pumps provide clog free pumping at high efficiency with gentle delivery due to low shear forces. The Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller is, by virtue of its axial extension, able to pass solids and handle rags & fibrous material - while at [...]

Hydro International

Hydro International Hydro International's water and wastewater products are designed to increase the operational efficiency of water processing equipment used in wastewater, clean water, industrial, and agricultural treatment applications. Unprotected plant process equipment faces reduced operational efficiency until the processes have to be shut down to remove nuisance materials such as grit and [...]


KWS Conveyor Solutions With KWS we can provide a variety of custom KWS conveyor solutions including screw conveyors and vertical shaftless conveyors that fit a variety of other manufacturers including Alfa® and FKC®. KWS Shaftless Conveyors can be found at hundreds of municipalities moving biosolids. Centrifuges and belt filter presses are most commonly used to dewater [...]


Egger Pumps Egger is the industry leader in the area of difficult liquids and liquids with a tendency to clog, they work exceptionally well in wastewater applications and sludge.  Egger can be used in various process including Suez®, Alfa®, FKC® and others. Egger centrifugal pumps are stand alone and can be used with Hydro [...]


FKC Screw Press Dewatering WithFKC Screw press dewatering systems we can provide a cost effective solution for dewatering of municipal and industrial biosolids. FKC screw presses can be used in an extremely wide variety of liquid-solid separation, or dewatering applications. A FKC screw press can be used in the same applications where belt [...]


Flowserve Flowserve is one of the world’s leading providers of pumps and services for the global infrastructure and process industries, a reliable product commonly used  in plant and pump stations in water and wastewater applications. Flowserve pumps available include split case centrifugal, vertical turbine and submersible well pumps. Flowserve Pumps Flowserve centrifugal, positive [...]


Invent: Aeration & Mixing With Invent aeration we can offer a range of aeration and mixing solutions in combination with blowers, as well as stand alone mixer solutions all customized for individual demands. Invent has a whole range of products for the municipal water, wastewater treatment and the food and beverage industry. Hyperboloid Mixers are used [...]

L&J Technologies

L&J Technologies L&J Technologies and their subsidiaries manufacture and tests a complete line of Digester Gas Safety Equipment and Waste Gas Burners/Flares for municipal sewage treatment plants, landfills, dairies, food-processing and breweries. They provided gas safety equipment on top of digester covers including pressure/vacuum vents, flame arresters, 3-way safety selector valves along with emergency vent/manhole [...]


Nijhuis With Nijhuis Water Technology we can deliver end-to-end solutions the strictests effluent standards required for responsible discharge to sewers or rivers. Nijhuis Process The first step in wastewater treatment is primary treatment, removal of solids which results in reduction of pollution load in your wastewater. Depending on your effluent you might [...]

JWC Environmental

JWC With JWC Environmental we can offer the experience of over 40,000 successful Monster installations around the world in a wide range of municipal wastewater applications. Grinding, screening, solids reduction and solids processing equipment is designed specifically for headworks, pump stations, pump protection, digester protection, centrifuge protection, sludge grinding, storm overflow, and more. [...]