Hidrostal Hidrostal is the manufacturer of the "Original" screw impeller pump. The pumps provide clog free pumping at high efficiency with gentle delivery due to low shear forces. The Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller is, by virtue of its axial extension, able to pass solids and handle rags & fibrous material - while at [...]


Egger Pumps Egger is the industry leader in the area of difficult liquids and liquids with a tendency to clog, they work exceptionally well in wastewater applications and sludge.  Egger can be used in various process including Suez®, Alfa®, FKC® and others. Egger centrifugal pumps are stand alone and can be used with Hydro [...]


Putzmeister Heavy Solids Pumps Known for pumps that handle high-demand situations, Putzmeister Heavy Solids Pumps are ideal for solids like heavy concrete and mortar, with Putzmeister we can offer pumps  that excel where others can't, the most extreme applications of high pressure and heavy solids. Putzmeister brings together different solutions for a variety of industrial and [...]


SEEPEX Progressive Cavity Pumps SEEPEX pumps are widely used in industrial and municipal wastewater and sludge treatment. The development of new sludge processing technologies that reduce the volume of the final product whilst enhancing the quality for disposal as well as producing renewable energy are changing the shape of the industry. In short: it [...]


Wilo Wilo USA offers durable submersible pumps for portable, wet pit, and dry well installation, along with a full lineup of energy efficient submersible mixers and internal recycle pumps. Wilo and Emu have merged forming one company to provide quality pumps and mixers. If you would like more information on Wilo mixers and [...]