Aeration Industries

Aeration Industries With Aeration Industries products we can provide a full range of wastewater treatment solutions to optimize municipal and industrial water treatment applications, from process water supply to wastewater treatment, sludge management to produced water return. This includes stand-alone floating aerators and lagoon aerators value priced without the need for blowers. Aeration Industries [...]


Aquarius With Aquarius we can provide cost-effective solutions to wastewater and sewage treatment problems with innovative Water Aeration and Wastewater Treatment Systems, including: QUANTAER Fine Bubble Disc Aeration Systems In Place Fine Bubble Diffuser Cleaning Systems and System Pressure Monitoring Coarse Bubble Aeration Systems NEBULA Multistage Biofilm System Complete Factory or Field Erected [...]


Invent: Aeration & Mixing With Invent aeration we can offer a range of aeration and mixing solutions in combination with blowers, as well as stand alone mixer solutions all customized for individual demands. Invent has a whole range of products for the municipal water, wastewater treatment and the food and beverage industry. Hyperboloid Mixers are used [...]