• With Coplastix® Flow Control products from Alfa Laval (previously Ashbrook Simon-Hartley) we offer the performance leader in fluid control equipment for the world market. Proven by decades of dependable performance in a wide variety of applications, Alpha Laval Coplastix® sluice gates, stop gates and logs, and flap valves offer significant benefits above and beyond similar cast iron and stainless steel products. Replace corroded, inoperable gates with pristine, smooth operating, non-corroding gates and put your fluid control system back into operating condition. When you retrofit your troublesome cast-iron, aluminum, stainless steel and fiberglass gates with trouble-free Coplastix®technology, you effectively eliminate 90% of potential gate problems. Coplastix® technology eliminates the problem of frozen gates because Coplastix® material will never corrode and reduce gate friction by a factor of 10.  Coplastix® is exceptionally watertight, exceeding AWWA requirements. Coplastix®  is not subject to thermal expansion and can be used in ambient temperatures ranging from 50ºF below zero to plus 180ºF.  Coplastix® products carry an industry leading 10 year guarantee.   


    • Corrosion-Free
    • No exercising required
    • Can be use in ambient temperatures raging from 50º F below zero to +180º F
    • Not subject to thermal expansion
    • Exceptionally water-tight and exceeds AWWA requirements.
    • NSF® certified materials.
    • Installations proven worldwide.
  • We service and supply parts for Flowserve centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, specialty pumps and systems. Flowserve offers the world’s most extensive lines of ISO 13709/API 610 and ISO 2858-5199/ANSI B73.1 compliant designs along with pumps designed to ASME, nuclear, JIS and other globally recognized design standards, offering more than 100 distinct pump models. Call us now for information on parts, maintenance, and calibration.

    Types of Pumps We Provide and Service:

    • Overhung Pumps
    • Between Bearings Pumps
    • Vertical Pumps
    • Positive Displacement Pumps
    • Specialty Products
  • The EKO series is designed for the most extreme pumping tasks. The open filling hoppers enable a feeding of the pump with extremely dry material with a high content of foreign substances. The hydraulic driven piston also moves materials which have been regarded as not-pumpable, such as highly dewatered sludges. The EKO Crown model is equipped with a delivery piston with a hardened toothed cutting crown. This pump is used for material containing large-sized foreign substances, which can result in blocking of the pumps in other systems. The EKO pumps and cuts  this material at the same time. Even the most difficult materials, such as sewage treatment plant screenings or shredded barrel waste in a special waste combustion can be trouble-free conveyed in the delivery line. A quasi-continuous operation is also possible with the double EKO version.

     Features and Advantages:

    • Conveying large-sized and coarse foreign substances.
    • Conveying wastewater screenings such as wipes, rags, plastics.
    • Separates expired foodstuffs into biomass w/ EKO PP version
    • Conveying extremely stiff material.
    • Pumping and cutting in one process w/ the Crown version.
    • Simple installation.
  • SEEPEX replaces your old sludge pumps and dewatering feeds with equipment that is far easier to maintain. SEEPEX very commonly replaces old progressive cavity pumps  with a minor retrofit. Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) means quick maintenance, significantly reduced life cycle costs and the shortest maintenance downtime. The design of SCT enables the rotor/stator sealing line to be adjusted to suit the application and compensate for wear, leading to more than double the lifetime of the rotor and stator. SCT also shortens the maintenance time on the rotor and stator by up to 85%. SEEPEX pumps with SCT are successfully used in virtually all industries, applications and media. The patented SEEPEX design innovation has won numerous awards.


    • Quick maintenance, easy handling during assembly/disassembly
    • Integrated tensioning device extends the rotor and stator’s life by up to 200%
    • Reduces maintenance time by up to 85%
    • High productivity due to less maintenance downtime
    • Significantly reduced life cycle costs
    • Ease of maintenance: due to the two-piece Smart Stator and quick release Smart Rotor, which leaves the joint in place and eliminates the need to remove pipe work
    • Small footprint for all service activities: no space required for stator dismantling
    • Environmentally friendly: separate disposal of elastomer and steel components
    If you need assistance in choosing a pump, maintenance, or parts, please call us and we will connect you with an aftermarket specialist.
  • With the JWC Monster flushables sewage grinders line of products we can offer a wide range of grinders and accessory configurations designed specifically for the challenges unique to dealing with wipes. These solutions have been proven extensively in the field for mitigating damage and inefficiencies caused by wipes and other flushables. Muffin Monster® flushables sewage grinders with Wipes Technology® protect pumps and sludge dewatering equipment from clogging. They help prevent torn belts and damaged rollers in belt presses. These grinders facilitate a balanced and efficient centrifuge operation, and after dewatering, they ensure uniform particle size for easy handling and disposal. Eliminate equipment downtime and reduce your maintenance costs. The Auger Monster, Channel Monster, Honey Monster and Screenings Washer Monster ensure solids are obliterated and removed from the waste stream. The benefits include:
    • Capture, grind and remove more solids than alternative technologies.
    • Cleaner, dewatered screenings.
    • Minimize labor-intensive waste handling.
    • Reduce transport costs and pay less to landfill.
    • Protect pumps and minimize costly downtime.
    • Modular design installs easily without civil work.
    • Monsters do not require enclosures or buildings.
  • World’s Leading Sewage Grinder

    The patented Muffin Monster® design has established new standards in product performance and reliability due to decades of technical advancements and innovative design improvements. These rugged sewage grinding machines shred most any material capable of disrupting your system including wipes. With over 40,000 installations, the Muffin Monster sewage grinder has proven itself in the most demanding wastewater solids reduction applications including: pump stations; sludge lines; septage receiving stations; prisons and more. FEATURES
    • Dual shafted sewage and sludge grinder
    • Inline grinder offers easy to remove cutter cartridge
    • In-channel grinder offers high-flow side rails (patented)
    • Low-speed, high-torque grinder
    • Adapts to pipelines or channels with little or no modification
    • Ease and flexibility of installation
    • More capable of grinding large debris than macerators
    • Energy saving and efficient motor