With Nijhuis Water Technology we can deliver end-to-end solutions the strictests effluent standards required for responsible discharge to sewers or rivers.

Nijhuis Process

The first step in wastewater treatment is primary treatment, removal of solids which results in reduction of pollution load in your wastewater. Depending on your effluent you might require either a screen, a flotation system or a flocculation & flotation system. If you discharge your water into a sewage system a primary treatment can be sufficient to meet the effluent requirements for treatment of water.

Discharging to the environment, for example a river or irrigation requires a secondary treatment step, biological treatment. Nijhuis Water Technology can select the most economic treatment system for you based on your type of wastewater, based on the actual requirements and local circumstances.

In some areas biologically treated water requires a tertiary treatment step, polishing, due to very tight requirements. Effluent after a tertiary treatment step is very clean, so clean that the step to reuse of your water can be made.

During treatment of wastewater, sludge is produced which needs to be disposed. Depending on your local requirements we have a range of systems to minimize your waste stream.

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Nijhuis Process