Marijuana Plant Waste

Marijuana, Cannabis and Hemp Plant Waste Shredders to Meet State Cannabis Laws


  • Meet Marijuana Waste Disposal Regulations
  • Easily grinds wet or dry material including entire plants, large root balls, soil, plastic pots or other waste
  • Skip the mixing step, and grind down marijuana waste and non-marijuana waste at the same time
  • Quiet operation due to powerful electric motors
  • Can be used inside or outside as it transmits zero gas and exhaust fumes
  • Shreds the toughest dry or wet waste easily

Typical Applications

  • Marijuana / Cannabis Grow Operations
  • Hemp Production

Electric motors drive JWC’s Monster Industrial Marijuana Shredders.  Allowing them to be used indoors or out, transmit no gas or exhaust fumes, and operate very quietly. The Monster Industrial Marijuana Shredder is powerful at low speeds and generates high torque within the dual-shafted grinder. They can easily grind a variety of different wet or dry materials including entire plants, large root balls, soil, plastic pots or other waste! JWC’s Monster Shredder is a perfect alternative to wood chippers. Wood chippers are loud, must be used outside, and are prone to damage from rocks or wet material.

Marijuana Plant waste

Waste disposal laws generally require the marijuana plant to be rendered useless and unrecognizable by grinding it with other ground materials. The result is a mixture that must be at least 51% non-marijuana waste by volume. No matter what you mix the left-over marijuana with to reduce its content, the Monster Marijuana Shredder can handle it!

JWC’s marijuana, cannabis and hemp plant waste shredder has two rows of sharp, steel cutters that rotate slowly but with incredibly high torque to mulch troublesome solids into small pieces. Again, these shredders are powered by quiet, electric motors, transmitting zero gas and exhaust fumes. The SHRED series is available with hoppers and stands configured to your needs. The Monster Shredder can handle the harshest of materials, including wet, dry, plastic pots, netting, food waste or cardboard to help dilute excess marijuana to meet regulatory requirements.

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