With Aquarius we can provide cost-effective solutions to wastewater and sewage treatment problems with innovative Water Aeration and Wastewater Treatment Systems, including:

  • QUANTAER Fine Bubble Disc Aeration Systems
  • In Place Fine Bubble Diffuser Cleaning Systems and System Pressure Monitoring
  • Coarse Bubble Aeration Systems
  • NEBULA Multistage Biofilm System
  • Complete Factory or Field Erected Activated Sludge Treatment Plants

Retrofitting or upgrading mechanical or coarse bubble aeration systems can yield significant energy savings. Candidates for this include:

  • Wide band coarse bubble systems.
  • Diaphragm style, duckbill type, single drop diffusers plants.
  • Mechanical low and high speed aerators.
  • Sparged Turbine aerators.
  • Jet aeration systems.
  • Oxidation ditch rotors and disc aerators.

It is not uncommon to realize 40 – 60% energy savings retrofitting these types of systems to fine bubble aeration.

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